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12 months post-doc position is available

Summary The Animal and Plant Sciences is one of the leading research departments for whole-organism biology in the UK. The department research projects in locations from the Polar Regions to the tropics, at scales from within cells up to entire ecosystems. Through our research we aim both to understand the fundamental processes that drive biological systems and solve pressing environmental problems. The Bioinformatics Hub is a new establishment aiming to develop novel computational tools and carry bio statistical analyses. Dr. Elhaik’s lab has a diverse range of activities from Molecular Evolution to Paleo genomics (see   You will take part in the most exciting research in population genetics – understanding the story of humans.… Full post
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Bringing prehistoric Europe back to life using Iron Age DNA

A PhD position is now open!!!… Full post
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Previous vacancies

A list of previous Bioinformatics Hub vacancies is provided for reference. Applications for these vacancies are no longer being accepted.… Full post
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