Bioinformatics at Sheffield

Bioinformatics at Sheffield has two components; service and research. If you are unsure about where your query should be directed, please contact the Sheffield Bioinformatics Core in the first instance (

Service Provision

The Sheffield Bioinformatics Core (SBC) provides consulting and analysis support primarily for researchers at The University of Sheffield. Amongst the services they can provide include consultation on experimental design, processing of next-generation sequencing data and data integration. They also offer a programme of training courses.

You can find out more information about the SBC, including details of upcoming training courses and materials from previous courses, on their website


The Sheffield Bioinformatics Hub is a cross-departmental collection of independent research groups who have been recruited to provide The University of Sheffield with a world-class computational biology capability. The Sheffield Bioinformatics Hub is jointly sponsored by the three University of Sheffield biology departments: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MBB), Animal and Plant Sciences (APS) and Biomedical Science (BMS); two Medical School research centres: Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN) and Sheffield Cancer Research Centre; and the NHS (Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust).

The Bioinformatics Hub is a collection of independent researchers, each with their own research interests and priorities. We are happy to collaborate on projects if they are within the scope of our own research or provide an exciting opportunity to broaden our horizons. If you are looking for bioinformatics services or support, the Sheffield Bioinformatics Core (see above) can certainly help.

The current members of the Bioinformatics Hub are Dennis Wang (SITraN),  Marta Milo (BMS), Roy Chaudhuri (MBB), Eran Elhaik (APS), Winston Hide (SITraN), Ian Sudbery (MBB)